Common Melrose


Melrose Common


Los Angeles


Completed 2019

Situated along the bustling intersection of Melrose and Highland in Los Angeles, Common Melrose was conceived as an assertive contrast to its vibrant neighborhood. Set on two separate lots, the two duplexes were intended to read as one larger gesture, mitigating the harsh juxtaposition of single-family residential and larger commercial use along Melrose Ave.

The ground floor is given over to communal spaces: a kitchen, a dining room, and living area that can be used for group activities and social interaction. Large sliding glass doors open out to a shared landscape through deeply recessed openings, further enhancing its horizontality. The private second floor is punctuated by an additional series of deep recesses that serve as generous balconies for each bedroom. This level is otherwise intentionally solid in order to mitigate the loud streetscape. A shared roof deck serves as a supplemental common area, allowing the occupants to enjoy the Southern California climate and scenery.


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